Why is a Doula important?

Who Are We?

We are experts in Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, and Adoption. Amethystaurallc services are dedicated to our clients and their journey. 

If you're a first time Mom, you're planning a VBAC, or you're expanding your family.  Do you have feelings of trepidation? Are you overwhelmed?

There will be comfort in a doula helping you navigate your way through your experience. As a Doula is trained to support you in creating and executing your birth plan, clarify your intentions for birth and explain the options that are available to you, create your village and help you initiate breastfeeding. You will be provided the best in current evidence-based support.

Our goal is to make sure your birth is free from disturbance; and it is tranquil, our goal is to offer the best quality service and maximize health and wellness benefits with a holistic approach.We recognize women giving birth as going through a portal into motherhood. You will remember your birthing experience the rest of your life. Amethystaurallc would love to preserve the integrity of your birth, allowing you the opportunity to focus on what's important; your child being born in an stress-free environment and having the birth you want to.
Founder and Creator 
Alexandra Soto is a passionate birth, postpartum, and adoption Doula. She was Adopted from Russia by hispanic parents and was raised and lives in Miami, FL. Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood has always had a special place in her heart growing up. As a holistic and natural Doula who helps and empower women throughout their pregnancy and beyond. She understands that most women are looking for something different when it comes to giving birth, and that birth is a very unique and individual experience.
She stands for women's rights
She stands for birth rights
She stands for babies rights